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“Understanding Growth in the Connected Home Ecosystem,” Connections, May 2016.

“Smart Energy Devices for Connected Homes,” CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum, April 2016.

“Standards & Protocols for Interoperability,” CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum, April 2016.

“Demand Response to Transactive Energy” Smart Energy Summit, February 2016.

“Grid-edge Standards for Transactive Energy,” AHR Expo, January 2016.

“Transactive Energy Impact on Customer Equipment,” CABA Intelligent Buildings and Digital Home Forum, April 2015.

“Market Impact of New Business Models,” Smart Energy Summit, February 2015.

“Consumer Product Standards for Transactive Energy,” Transactive Energy Conference, December 2014

“Extending Services to Connected Devices: APIs for Business Innovations,” Connections, May 2014.

“Introduction to Transactive Energy,” Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Conference, May 2014.

“Interoperability Between Competing Standards & Protocols,” CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum, April 2014.

“Transactive Energy to Accommodate Net-Zero Prosumer,” Smart Energy Summit, February 2014.

“The Impact of Transactive Energy on Appliances,” ClimateTalk Alliance at AHR Expo, January 2014.

“Transactive Energy Impact on Customer Equipment,” GridWise Architecture Council session at AHR Expo, January 2014.

 “The Connected Home on Wheels,” CABA Digital Home Forum, November 2013.

“Transactive Energy for Buildings,” Transactive Energy Conference, May 2013.

“Connected Appliances for Energy Management,” Smart Energy Summit, February 2013.

“Home Systems & Energy Management,” ClimateTalk Alliance at AHR Expo, January 2013.

“Home Energy Management Methods,” Grid-Interop, December 2012.

“Home Network Communication Protocols & Standards,” CABA Digital Home Forum, October 2012.

“Extending Smart Grids to Customers,” GridWise Architecture Council Workshop, August 2012.

“Impact of Smart Grids on Appliance Design,” Appliance Design Webinar, August 2012.

“United States and International Residential DR Standards,” ConnectivityWeek, May 2012.

“GridWise Architecture Council Smart Grid Tools for Regulators,” Grid-Interop, December 2011.

“Residential Market Opportunities for Energy Management,” Connections, June 2011.

“Plugging Appliances into Demand Response,” ConnectivityWeek, May 2011

“Home-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group Report,” Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Plenary, March 2011.

“The Energy Management Gateway,” Smart Energy Summit, January 2011.

"The GridWise Decision-Makers Interoperability Checklist,” GridWeek, October 2010.

"HAN Architectures for Energy Management,” Connections, June 2010.

“Home-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group,” ConnectivityWeek, May 2010.

“The Smart Grid Impact on Utilities & Consumers,” Smart Energy Summit, January 2010.

“The Smart Grid Impact on Consumer Electronics,” Home-to-Grid Summit, Consumer Electronics show, January 2010.

“Standards for Residential Energy Management,” NIST/EPRI Workshop, August 2009.

“The Role of Consumer Electronics in the Smart Grid,” ConnectivityWeek, June 2009.

“The GridWise Vision for a Smart Electric Grid,” Connections, June 2009.

“Integrating Residential Resources,” Grid-Interop, November 2008.

“Consumer Participation in Demand Response,” GridWeek, September 2008.

“Home Systems & Demand Response,” ConnectivityWeek, May 2008.

“Standards for Home Systems,” ConnectivityWeek, May 2008.

“Evolution of Home Systems & Standards,” Technical Standards and Innovation in China: Public Policy and the Role of Stakeholders, National Bureau of Asian Research [Beijing, China] October 2007.

“Home Systems and Utility Services: Options for Demand Response,” Edison Electric Institute TDM Conference, October 2007.

“Home Systems and International Standards,” Ultrabroadband Conference at Columbia University, June 2007.

“Retro-Fitting the Ancients: Media Servers For Home Theater,” Connections, May 2007.

“Networks and Gateway for Residential Value-added Services,” AMRA International Symposium, October 2006.

“Home Automation and Controls,” Connected @ Home, October 2006.

“International Standards for Home Systems,” Connected @ Home, October 2006.

“Wireless In-Home Infrastructure,” Connected @ Home, October 2006.

"Home Electronic System,” Intelligent Homes Workshop [Berlin, Germany], September 2006.

“Home Systems and Utility Services: Impact of Home Networks on the Utility,” GridWise Architecture Council, September 2006.

“Energy Management Solutions,” CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum, June 2006.

“In-Building Wireless,” CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum, June 2006.

“Owners and Vendors,” CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum, June 2006.

“DTV: A Confusing Consumer Experience,” Connections, May 2006.

“Home Systems and Standards,” International Seminar on Digital Home Networking [Beijing, China], March 2006.

“The Emergence of the Home Systems Industry,” Digital Home Summit, February 2006.

Home Papers Recent Projects
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